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Open Doors - ASD friendly session

EVERY WEDNESDAY 13:00-17:00* We will run OPEN DOORS - ASD friendly session

Here at Vertigo we think everyone should be able to experience the wonders of VR. We also understand that sometimes you want to have the freedom to explore without any of the pressures that might come with it. Moving forward, we’re opening our doors every Wednesday from 1 - 5 pm for a more bespoke, tailored experience. We’re limiting the selection, but increasing the amount of control you have. At your request, we can control light and noise levels, and give you the opportunity to experience VR without any unwanted intrusions. 

Our friendly staff will explain the sensory experience of each activity so that you know what to expect. If you decide that you’re not enjoying one experience, you can stop and try something different. We want you to feel comfortable and in control.  

Please feel free to look through our Social Story so that you know exactly what to expect when you arrive.

For just £20 for 60 minutes including a free drink. Carers can also accompany on the motion rides for free and help themselves to complimentary hot beverages. 

For more information please don’t hesitate to call and speak to a member of our friendly staff on 01908 464640

We look forward to welcomingyou at Vertigo VR

*excl Holidays
Available for online reservations only. Limited number of spaces.
Download our Social Story HERE

Currated content included:
VR Arena - Elven Assassin, Fruit Ninja, Tilt Brush, Pistol Whip, Job Simulator, Space Pirate Trainer
VR Sphere - Aquapark. Rollercoaster, Faster than Wind
5D CinemaSunny Bunnies, Steam Speed, Dino Invasion

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